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Crossroads Namibia

Crossroads Namibia has been a well-respected player in the Namibian Road Freight Market for over 30 years, and boasts extensive experience in providing transport services and infrastructure in Namibia and South Africa.

Crossroads Namibia is locally registered and committed to the upliftment of previously disadvantaged Namibians with significant BEE shareholding.

Over and above our experience, we are fully SHEQ-accredited, having obtained our ISO 14001 (Environmental) and OSHAS 18001 (Health and Safety) standards.

We Offer

  • Extensive experience and infrastructure
  • Local registration
  • And enviable track record
  • Excellent safety records
  • High levels of visibility and security enabled by real-time track- and-trace technology

We specialise in

Fuel Distribution

We are proud to be known as Namibia’s fuel distribution veterans. We have extensive experience and high levels of SHEQ, at a competitive price. Safety and security, flexibility, visibility and control and route optimisation are the cornerstones of our fuel transportation offering. Can you afford to choose anyone else?

Mining Supplies

In the mining business, experience and reliability is what differentiates us from our competitors. With extensive mining experience, full SHEQ accreditation and a reliability record second to none, we are the obvious choice.

Dedicated Contract Carriage

We offer a dedicated fleet and transportation systems customised to suit your needs. This means we take over the stress, cost and hassle of financing, maintaining, insuring and managing a fleet, making sure every vehicle is compliant with environmental and safety regulations and continually training drivers

On-mine Materials Handling

We offer on mine solutions including Yellow Equipment, Tipper Vehicles an Stockpile Management

Cross-border Scheduled Freight Distribution

We are the veritable cross-border experts – with a wealth of practical knowledge that will help you move your goods across borders in SADC or South Africa. We manage your POD requirements, collect your parcels from multiple pick-up points, store and consolidate your deliveries and we handle the customs clearing requirements on your behalf.