Crossroads extends cross-border deal

Namibia Custom Smelters (NCS) has re-newed its contract with Crossroads for the management of its internal logistics functions at Tsumeb.

Tsumeb is a major custom smelter with brownfields expansion potential. It produces blister copper (98.6%) and can treat complex copper concentrates.

Robert Benade, Regional Manager, Crossroads Namibia says, “We have a ten-year relationship with NCS. We’ve renewed our commitment by putting new equipment in place and by replacing assets where necessary. We’ve now extended the contract a further three years.”

Crossroads ability to fund the capital required in the logistics function, and so to allow NCS to invest in its own priorities, and its high level SHEQ capability were major motivators along with their intimate knowledge of the workings of the smelter. Robert describes the Crossroads/NCS relationship as strategic for both parties.

Tsumeb is one of only four copper smelters currently operating in Africa. With the resurgence of mining in key regions such as Zambia, DRC and Botswana, there is opportunity to capitalise on Tsumeb’s custom treating business.

NCS continues in its multimillion-dollar effort to upgrade Tsumeb’s dust-handling and fume-extraction systems.

New improvements include a new disposal site, a new bag-house for the primary smelting furnace, a new fume-extraction system at the copper plant, the construction of a second oxygen plant to improve smelting efficiency, and a N$1.3bn plant to convert sulphur dioxide gas into saleable sulphuric acid.

Concentrate is currently smelted at Tsumeb from Dundee Chelopech and from First Quantum’s Guelb Mogrein mine and Metorex’s Chibuluma mine.