Crossroads' healthy long-distance relationship

Crossroads, a prominent logistics solutions provider, has won the tender to distribute fuel from Engen East London to their constituents across the Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and the Transkei. This contract involves the transport of over 70 million litres of fuel per annum, traversing a distance of more than 1.3 million kilometres.

Around 50% of this contract involves bridging fuel from Engen to its constituents in the Northern Cape, while the rest of the contract pertains to the distribution of fuel to retailers (garages), generally in and around the Transkei area.

When it comes to distributing fuel, there can be no shortcomings when standards are involved. The dedicated fleet, containing nine vehicles, is regularly assessed to conform with the highest safety standards. It is also absolutely imperative that all drivers transporting fuel be accredited with Dangerous Goods training and that trucks be equipped with the right technology to handle such long distances.

“We conduct SHEQ audits quarterly through internal committees,” says Jeanne Kruger, Contract Manager: Fuel Distribution, Crossroads. “Twice a year external audits are performed on management and operational systems, vehicles and equipment. These audits ensure that we maintain our high standards to comply with the sustainability requirements of our customers.”

Crossroads has a well-established relationship with Engen having been previously contracted to fuel distribution into the western Northern Cape and bridging fuel from Engen's Durban depot.

“Our standards in the fuel sector are second to none,” says Kruger. “Our safety, driver training, and track record in previous contracts with Engen all played a big role in winning the tender.”