High-performance HR

Crossroads has been recognised as a 'Best Employer' by the Corporate Research Foundation (CRF). As the only logistics company to make it onto this year's coveted list, Crossroads stands among top businesses such as Coca-Cola, MTN, Dimension Data and Unilever as a company that knows it's only as good as its people.

The 'Best Employers' project was established in 1991 to identify leaders in HR management. The awards are based on HR policy-based research, objectivity, and an independent and selective assessment.

It was a staff-centric attitude, a strong focus on HR, and the empowerment of its employees through resource provision and training that won Crossroads the honour of 'Best Employer'. The 'reasons for excellence' as stated by the CRF are the company's strong empowerment credentials (BBBEE Level 3), its accredited driver training programme and its 'can-do' culture.

“We try to establish a culture of learning within our organisation,” says Dave Behrens, Group Human Resources Executive for the Crossroads. “We believe that this culture allows our staff to grow, not just personally, but within the business as well. After all, happy staff equals high performance.”

Crossroads ensures its management teams become the best they can be through various enhancement seminars and managerial training programmes. The company also runs its own accredited driver training programme (rather than outsourcing it), to develop the best drivers from within.

Involved in decision making at a strategic level, the Crossroads HR department is a fundamental cog in the Crossroads machinery. As HR head, Behrens is part of the Executive Committee, which gives HR enormous credibility within the organisation.

Crossroads is one of the few 'complete' logistics companies in the country that encourages employees to move across the company and gain experience in couriering, warehousing, international and domestic shipping, driving, marketing, sales and HR. Working with some of the major clients also gives Crossroads' employees a chance to interact with large businesses in a working environment.

“My experience as a Distribution Manager at SkyNet (a Crossroads division) has been highly rewarding,” says Tumelo Tlharipe, an employee since March 2010. “The Crossroads Group is an institution of excellent learning for aspiring business managers in the industry. It enables the views of everyone to be heard in a free and transparent manner. It's a company that I hope to be part of for many years to come.”

To be a 'Best Employer' benefits the most important stakeholders, the employees. Crossroads has raised the bar for the logistics and supply chain industry with a staff-focused and industry-leading approach to growth that is clearly a winning formula.