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Shared & Dedicated Warehousing

This solution is at once reliable, cost-efficient and flexible, enabling you to reduce the risk of variable demand by turning fixed assets into cash and turning fixed costs into variable costs.
  • Improving control and reactivity
  • Increasing service levels
  • Reducing risk, costs and capex
Keeping inventory is supposed to reduce risk. But investing capital in warehouses of fixed space and location leaves you exposed to demand and market volatility. Leading supply chain managers are now adapting by opting for a mix of shared and dedicated warehousing – a solution at once reliable, cost-efficient and flexible. With greater visibility and reactivity, the warehousing function can be transformed from a fixed asset into the strategic cornerstone of a more agile supply chain.
  • Improving control and flexibility
  • Increasing service levels
  • Reducing risk and costs
Our custom-designed range of warehousing solutions is supported by a wealth of expertise and resources:
  • Optimal location, design, layout and operation of warehouses
  • Expertise in network modelling to optimise total costs
  • Fixed and overflow facilities to accommodate peaks in demand
  • Integrated, leading-edge technologies for visibility and control
  • An existing network with national distribution capabilities
  • Flexible cost models
The advantages of partnering with Crossroads will positively impact on your bottom line:
  • Increased visibility, control, flexibility, agility and reactivity
  • No growth constraints due to limited storage capacity or fixed location
  • Integration of the warehousing function with the supply chain and distribution system
  • Improved flow of information up and down the logistics system
  • Less damaged, pilfered and obsolete stock
  • Lower operating and inventory costs
  • Fixed assets become cash and fixed costs become variable costs
  • Improved BBBEE procurement scores with a Level 3 Contributor