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Less-than-Truckload Distribution

With an extensive fleet of short- and line-haul vehicles and a countrywide network of cross-docking facilities, we offer the perfect compromise for suppliers with high service needs for national distribution.
  • Improving flexibility and reactivity
  • Increasing service levels by reducing lead times
  • Reducing risk, costs and inventory levels
Logistics and supply chain solutions need to accommodate volatile demand patterns. But when a dedicated truck is going to be halffull or an express parcel delivery is unrealistically expensive, there’s little the industry has to offer by way of cost-effective solutions. Crossroads’ extensive fleet of scheduled short- and line-haul vehicles, combined with our countrywide network of cross-docking facilities, enable us to offer the perfect compromise for suppliers with less-than-truckload consignments for national distribution.
  • Improving flexibility and reactivity
  • Increasing service levels
  • Reducing risk, costs and lead times
Our Less-than-Truckload Distribution solutions are supported by a wealth of expertise and experience:
  • Ability to include a last-mile network to the long-distance transportation solution
  • Daily distribution services from anywhere to anywhere
  • Over 35 distribution hubs/cross-dock facilities nationwide
  • Over 100 less-than-truckload line-haul vehicles supported by over 800 last-mile delivery vehicles
  • Ability to consolidate for national distribution
  • Flexible range of services (premium, express, economy services, same-day and weekend)
  • Instant quoting/confirmation system for convenience
  • Specialist transportation technology for optimum route planning and scheduling
  • Track and trace on all deliveries
  • Proactive incident management
  • Capacity for short decision times and fast reaction times on a 24/7 basis
  • High levels of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)
The advantages of partnering with Crossroads will positively impact on your bottom line:
  • Increased reactivity and greater distribution capacity
  • Improved control and reliability for better service levels
  • Improved visibility through track and trace
  • PODs are made available efficiently
  • Lower costs due to more effective fleet utilisation
  • Minimum risk of loss, damage or incorrect deliveries
  • Low environmental and reputational risk
  • Improved BBBEE procurement scores with a Level 3 Contributor
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