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Short Haul

The last mile is the most expensive and the most important. Our complex, extensive network and fleet enable us to optimise the last mile for cost-efficiency and higher service levels.
  • Improving reactivity
  • Increasing service levels
  • Reducing risk of lost sales
The last place you need your pipeline to bottleneck is the last mile. Getting goods to their final destination takes multiple skill sets and constantly flowing information. Handling and cross-docking, packaging and data processing, return of goods and all the associated admin. All of these components must align and optimise in order to achieve cost-efficiency and generate higher service levels. Only then can the last mile, or short haul, become a value generator within the supply chain. This requires that capability as well as reach and capacity are built into your distribution partner’s fleet operations.
  • Improving reactivity
  • Increasing service levels
  • Reducing risk and costs
Our range of Short Haul solutions is supported by a wealth of expertise and experience:
  • Over 35 distribution hubs/cross-dock facilities nationwide
  • Over 800 last-mile delivery vehicles supported by over 100 less-than-truckload line-haul vehicles
  • Deliveries to over 450 towns in South Africa daily
  • Both local and remote capability
  • Flexible range of services (premium, express, economy services, same-day and weekend)
  • Instant quoting/confirmation system for convenience
  • Ability to match the right quality and type of vehicle and driver with the right customer
  • Specialist transportation technology for optimum route planning and scheduling
  • Track and trace on all deliveries
  • Proactive incident management
  • Capacity for short decision times and fast reaction times on a 24/7 basis
  • High levels of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)
The advantages of partnering with Crossroads will positively impact on your bottom line:
  • Increased reactivity and greater distribution capacity
  • Improved control and reliability for better service levels
  • PODs are made available efficiently
  • Lower costs due to more effective fleet utilisation
  • Minimum risk of loss, damage or incorrect deliveries
  • Low environmental and reputational risk
  • Improved BBBEE procurement scores with a Level 3 Contributor