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Dedicated Contract Carriage

We build flexibility and scalability into the dedicated solutions we design – giving you limitless capacity around the clock without the worry of financing, maintaining, insuring and managing a fleet.
  • Reducing capital expenditure
  • Increasing service levels
  • Reducing risk and costs
The trend towards customised and outsourced transportation systems means the dedicated fleet is fast becoming a critical component in the supply chain. Financing, maintaining, insuring and managing a fleet, making sure every vehicle is compliant with environmental and safety regulations and continually training drivers all make a strong enough argument for outsourcing – especially when running fleets isn’t one’s core capability. But how exactly is a ‘dedicated fleet’ best packaged? At Crossroads, we build flexibility and scalability into the custom solutions we design – giving you limitless capacity around the clock.
  • Improving flexibility and reactivity
  • Increasing service levels
  • Reducing risk and costs
Our range of Dedicated Contract Carriage solutions is supported by a wealth of expertise and experience:
  • Flexible contract models for a balance of fixed and variable cost
  • Ability to add appropriate ad-hoc vehicles to the fleet
  • Ability to include an existing less-than-truckload and last-mile network to the transportation solution
  • Ability to match the right quality and type of vehicle and driver with the right customer
  • Specialist transportation technology for optimum route planning and scheduling
  • Track and trace on all deliveries
  • 24/7 capacity for short decision and fast reaction times
  • Cross-border expertise in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • High levels of Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ)
The advantages of partnering with Crossroads will positively impact on your bottom line:
  • Increased flexibility for greater transportation capacity and reactivity
  • Improved control and reliability for better service levels
  • An integrated fleet becomes a virtual extension of your organisation
  • PODs are made available efficiently
  • Lower fixed costs due to more effective and flexible fleet capacity
  • Improved cash flow as fixed costs become more variable and fixed assets are turned into cash
  • Lower environmental and reputational risk
  • Minimum risk of loss, damage or incorrect deliveries
  • Increased vehicle and driver productivity
  • Improved BBBEE procurement scores with a Level 3 Contributor