We have been developing world-class skills in logistics and supply chain management since the early Thirties. We tap into these inherent skills on a daily basis, applying them to the design and implementation of supply chains for customers across South Africa.

Complexity We manage an advanced warehousing and cross-docking network and a vast fleet, effectively and efficiently.
Flexibility Giving your operations the ability to change through the size of our fleet and countrywide reach.
Agility Having the systems, processes and infrastructure (and attitude of mind) in place to change direction and find solutions quickly.
Reactivity Giving you the ability to respond to fluctuations in volatile demand patterns.
Proactivity Informing you immediately if anything changes and working hard to minimise delays.
Visibility Creating ‘a glass pipeline’ to facilitate the free flow of all available information.
Integrity Conducting our business ethically at all times.
Reliability Providing peace of mind through our expertise, experience and commitment since the 1930s.
Integration Mixing various capabilities to deliver holistic solutions that are custom-built to suit your supply chain needs.
Collaboration Working closely with suppliers and customers to shorten lead times and reduce inventory levels.
Innovation Crafting new solutions to perfectly suit our customers’ unique supply chain requirements.
Imagination Designing, developing and simplifying complex supply chain models and systems continuously.
Transformation Crossroads is a proud Level 3 BBBEE contributor and Value-Adding Supplier. We have Level 2 firmly in our sights.
Safety Crossroads is OHSAS 18001 (Occupational Health and Safety System) certified.
Health Our employees benefit from OHSAS 18001 certification and continuous training.
Environment ISO 14001 (Environment) certification enables us to contribute to a lower carbon footprint.
Quality Our operations are SABS ISO 9001 (Quality) certified to ensure that we conform to the highest global standards.